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LCG Abogados brinda a todos sus clientes un servicio profesional e inmediato sobre temas fiscales.

Civil law

Legal advisory services to individuals in matters of succession, inheritance, divorce, food pensions, and child custody, among others.

Contract law

Drafting, review, and negotiation of all types of contracts, agreements, and guarantees of a commercial and…

Corporate law

It refers to the assistance since the establishment of a company. Advice on which type of company is appropriate to you according…

Civil and commercial litigation

Resolution of conflicts or disputes between individuals, which is called law of persons. It is basically the resolution of disputes between companies…

Tax and administrative litigation

This is the defense before the corresponding courts against acts that cause damages, whether in the tax field, or against any administrative unit of the government.

Defense against property tax arrears

The property tax is the first source of financing for the Mexico City Government, since on average the values of the properties located in the capital are…

Defense against water supply suspension

The Mexico City Water System has the power to order the suspension of water supply for suspected debts…

Defense against customs embargoes

The PAMA is the Customs Administrative Procedure, which is conducted when goods are intended to be imported into the country.

Tax defense in audits

The legal tax defense service advises the client when they have a home visit or a request for information from any of the following authorities…

Tax planning

This provides counsel to companies and legal entities who pay taxes in Mexico, with the purpose of establishing mechanisms according to the application of the laws in force, to maximize the tax benefits that they allow.

Compensation advisory

When a client intends to provide compensation, the authority is obliged to review said compensation and if it is not appropriate, it must give notice of an administrative act…


Follow-up and defense in administrative proceedings before the Commission for the Defense of Financial Service Users (CONDUSEF) and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO).

Devolución de contribuciones ante el Tribunal Federal de Justicia Fiscal y Administrativa

Este servicio se creó porque cuando un contribuyente tiene un saldo a favor o pagó un impuesto de forma incorrecta…

Fines imposed by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency

As PROFECO is an administrative authority, its acts are monitored by the Federal Court of Tax and Administrative Justice…

Multas Impuestas por la Secretaria Del Trabajo y Previsión Social

Las revisiones en materia de seguridad laboral y cumplimiento de las normas sanitarias para el…

Fines for statements in third-party operations

There are formal tax obligations of legal entities and individuals, which consists of delivering statements, notices, etc..

Review the payment of labor contributions for builders

Advice to file a nullification request with the Mexican Social Security Institute, due to differences in the calculations of labor contributions.

Insurance and bonds

Review and documentation of all types of policies and contracts, insurance contracts (life, automobile, medical expenses, damages, etc.) and bonds.

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